Loadpoint and Ferro-Electric Materials Processing

Loadpoint now has an expanded capability for processing ferroelectric materials. The new MacroAce provides the ability to dice or slice large blocks of PZT materials for ultrasonic applications. These can be up to 250 x 250 x 30 mm or fine features on the top of 100 mm high components.

The PicoAce grinder is now grinding elements down to 40 micron thick. This machine has the proven capability to grind diced and filled arrays to 50 micron thickness using film frame work holding techniques.

Manufacturing techniques are now being explored for new NDT imaging sensors and systems. These will be based on the NanoAce and MicroAce machines as well as the MacroAce. When developing a manufacturing process Loadpoint focuses on using production technique so that the transfer from R&D to production is as smooth as possible. This covers the machine, dicing blades, work holding with control and metrology as needed to provide a complete turn key system.