Dicing Blade Tools

Dicing blade tools ensure flanges and blades are well maintained. These items are sold separately or together as a blade tool handling pack.

Flange Separator
Due to the tight fitting nature of the front and back spacer they can sometimes be difficult to separate.

This separator makes the process easy, separating spacers evenly to prevent any damage to the blade.
Torque Spanner
Some operators tighten the spindle nut more than others, and this can make it difficult to remove.

The torque spanner ensures that the nut is tightened to a consistent level by all operators, and can be easily removed when required.
Hubbed Blade Remover
Makes the removal of the blade and spacers from the arbor an easier process.
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Blade Handling Kit

Our comprehensive three item Blade Handling kit has been designed to assist in all aspects of the blade change process, protecting the safety of employees and eliminating risk of costly damage to flanges and blades.

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