Lens Turning Spindles

Revolutionising Optical Manufacturing: Precision Lens Turning Spindle with Air Bearing Technology, a Game-Changer for Optical OEMs Specializing in IOLs, Contact Lenses, and More.

Lens turning spindle
Lens turning spindles redefine the landscape for optical OEMs. Designed with precision in mind, our spindles elevate manufacturing processes by delivering unparalleled accuracy and smooth operation.

Tailored to the exacting standards of optical applications, our technology ensures that OEMs can achieve the tightest tolerances and finest surface finishes in their diamond turning operations.
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As a key player in the optical industry, your commitment to delivering high-quality intraocular lenses (IOLs) and contact lenses demands a technology that aligns with your standards of precision. Our air bearing spindles with motion error (NRRO) measured as low as single digit nanometers, stand as a cornerstone in your manufacturing processes, ensuring unparalleled accuracy and smooth operation.

Tailored to the exacting needs of IOL and contact lens OEMs, our spindles play a pivotal role in shaping lenses with the tightest tolerances and finest surface finishes. Elevate your production capabilities with our cutting-edge technology, where every rotation counts towards delivering optics that set you apart in the industry.

Partner with us for a crucial component that defines the precision in your optical manufacturing machinery.
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Custom Spindles

At Loadpoint, we specialise in crafting customised air bearing spindles for OEMs engaged in lens turning. Elevate your precision optics manufacturing with our tailored solutions. Our advanced technology ensures optimal performance, providing the perfect synergy for your diamond turning processes. Contact us to discuss how our customised air bearing spindles can enhance your business.
Our Spindles


+ Contact Lens Turning Spindle
+ 1000-10,000 RPM
+ Encoder Interpolation
+ ATC Collet
+ NRRO10Nm, Polish free lenses


+ Contact Lens Turning Spindle
+ Maximum Speed 18,000 RPM
+ Encoder Interpolation
+ ATC Collet
+ NRRO10Nm, Polish free lenses


+ Ideal Spindle for Grinding, Milling and Routing
+ Speed Max 60,000 RPM
+ CW/CCW Rotation Available
+ ATC Collet


+ Maximum 20,000 RPM

+ High-precision grinding of diamond tools




Air Supply Pressure 5.5 Bar
Air Consumption 76 Litres/min
Maximum Speed 10,000 RPM
Motor Output Power 1.8 Kw
Axial Stiffness 6.0 Kg/um
Radial Stiffness a 'P' (Static) 45 Kgs



What is a diamond turning spindle?

A diamond turning spindle is a precision motorised spindle used in diamond turning processes to manufacture high-precision optical components, moulds, and other parts requiring extremely tight tolerances and surface finishes. It combines the capabilities of diamond cutting tools with air-bearing technology to achieve exceptional accuracy and surface quality. 

What are the advantages of a diamond turning spindle?

Our diamond turning spindles offer several advantages, including exceptional precision, low motion error (NRRO), superior surface finish, reduced tool wear, minimised friction and heat generation, extended spindle lifespan, and enhanced stability during machining. 

What types of materials can be machined using a diamond turning spindle?

Diamond turning spindles can be used to machine a wide range of materials, including metals (such as aluminum, copper, and stainless steel), plastics, optical materials (like glass and crystals), and other engineering materials requiring high precision and surface quality. 

What is the maximum speed capability of your diamond turning spindles?

Typically, smaller spindles are C. 12,000 - 15,000 rpm. Larger diamond turning spindles are 3,000-8,000 rpm.  

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