An industry where the synergy of light and material demands matchless precision and detail. Helping shape groundbreaking innovation and technology that illuminates our world.

The optical sector covers the study and application of light and its interaction with different materials. Optics, a branch of physics, is concerned with the behaviour, propagation, and properties of light. This includes reflection, refraction, and diffraction. Optics plays a crucial role in a wide range of technologies and industries, from the development of glasses and contact lenses to more advanced applications like fibre-optics, communication systems, cameras, telescopes, and lasers.

Precision is a priority as the behaviour of light can be influenced by even the slightest imperfection or variation in materials or systems. Whether it's ensuring that a lens focuses light correctly onto a camera's sensor or making sure a laser beam is perfectly aligned for medical surgery, inaccuracies can lead to failure, malfunction, and even safety risks. 

Optical Solutions

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In the highly complex world of optics, we’re aiming for perfect clarity, precision, and durability. When collaborating with partners, we know you need a partner who is full understanding of the fragile nature of optical components.

We can provide technologies capable of shaping and processing materials free of imperfections, as even the slightest aberration can critically affect performance.  

You need a partner who embody knowledge, continuous innovation, and a full commitment to product integrity.

Typical Issues


It goes without saying that precision and consistency when processing optical components is vital. Any minor inconsistencies or imperfections, whether in lens grinding, polishing, or shaping, can significantly damage performance.

Aberrations can cause distortion, scattering, or misalignment, compromising the optical path and rendering the component ineffective or even counterproductive.

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The optical field is known for continuous innovation and progress. Companies often face challenges in adapting to these new developments.

Traditional methods may fall short in delivering the required precision or finish for newer optical materials or complex designs.

This disconnect can lead to production inefficiencies, increased waste, and compromised quality.

Loadpoint Insights

Scalability without Compromising Quality

As demand grows, with the rise of industries like augmented reality, virtual reality, and advanced imaging, optical companies are under mounting pressure to increase production volume.

Maintaining the exacting standards of optical clarity and precision across larger batches, while also ensuring timely delivery can be difficult.  Loadpoint is here to set your mind at rest. Our sector experience takes away the issues of older technology offering you the peace of mind you need and deserve.



Why Work with Loadpoint?

For optical companies striving to uphold the highest benchmarks of clarity and precision, Loadpoint emerges as a robust solution.

Our advanced dicing and processing techniques ensure precise and accurate manufacture, effectively eliminating inconsistencies that can adversely affect optical performance.

Our scalable processes are geared for high-volume production, ensuring companies meet growing demands without compromising quality. 


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