Dicing Services

Loadpoint has a long history of providing innovative dicing solutions and services to a global client base 

 Machine dicing stands at the forefront of today's technology. Loadpoint is a leader in the field, with a reputation as a  pioneer of dicing solutions. Serving a  global clientele, Loadpoint merges innovation with precision, from silicon wafers through to optics and ceramics. We have a range of advanced machinery on site and take advantage of our unmatched expertise to solve complex problems.

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Our capabilities include

  • Up to 12inch capability.
  • Loadpoint operate several 6”, 12”and heavy duty dicing saws.
  • Cut depths from 0.010mm to 55mm
  • Core drilling and large diameter glass disc production
  • Resin potting / backfilling for sonar arrays
  • Post-dicing cleaning (spray and ultrasonic)
  • 3-axis optical measurement

Loadpoint’s philosophy is to be flexible to customer needs, if you have a new or specialist project please contact us and to discuss how we can help.

Materials / Jobs processed:

  • Glass plates with / without chrome masks
  • Silicon wafers
  • Carbon graphite block and plate
  • PZT arrays – sonar, ultrasound
  • Optical components / photonics
  • Ceramics – plate, rods and profiles
  • Speciality and high value metals for the electronics industry, e.g. Molybdenum & Iridium
  • Electronic component singulation / FR4 boards
  • MEMs structures

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Work holding and packaging availability 

Dicing Tapes
  • Standard dicing tape: low, medium and high tack blue tape
  • UV Tapes: standard UV wafer tape. Package / singulation strength thick tape
  • Green tape – for adding additional thickness to standard dicing tapes
  • Water and solvent based
Mounting Plates
  • Graphite, glass and stainless steel
  • Ceramic vacuum chucks, metal vacuum chucks, mechanical chucks, magnetic chucks, tapeless chucks. We also have the in-house capability to design and manufacture bespoke chucks to suit customer requirements

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