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Loadpoint (“Loadpoint”, “we, “our”) uses cookies on its website. This Cookie Policy explains more about cookies and why we use them. It also explains how you can control and opt out of receiving them.

This policy should be read together with our Privacy Notice which sets out how and why we collect, store, use and share personal information generally, as well as your rights in relation to your personal information and details of how to contact us and supervisory authorities if you have a complaint.

We update this Cookie Policy from time to time in response to changes in applicable laws and regulations, changes to our processing practices and to products and services we offer. When changes are made, we will update the final section of this policy. Please review this Cookie Policy periodically to check for updates.

About Cookies

A cookie is a small text file which may be downloaded to your device when you visit our website. We use cookies to allow our website to function correctly, remember your preferences and to track visitors to our website.

The cookies we use on our website fall into the following categories:

Statistics or Analytics Cookies

We use cookies to collect information about the use of our website by visitors such as the pages they visit most often, how they arrived at our website and associated information. These do not collect any directly identifiable personal information about visitors. We use these cookies to learn more about how our website is used to identify problems and areas for improvement.

Functionality Cookies

Functionality cookies remember the choices you make when you visit our website. This includes, for example, your consent to the use of cookies on our website.

Marketing or Targeting Cookies

These are cookies placed by third parties on our website which record your visit to our website, the pages you have visited and the links you have followed. They use this information for advertising purposes.

Learn More About Cookies

For further information on our use of cookies, including a detailed list of your information which we and others may collect through cookies, please see details in the table below.

For further information on cookies generally, including how to control and manage them, please visit www.aboutcookies.org or www.allaboutcookies.org.


Used by Loadpoint

The cookies we use on our website and their purposes are as set out in the following table:

Set By Cookie Name Domain Duration of Processing Description
Hubspot __hs_cookie_cat_pref www.loadpoint.co.uk 6 months This cookie is used to record the categories a visitor consented to.
Cloudflare __cf_bm www.loadpoint.co.uk 30 minutes This cookie is set by HubSpot's CDN provider and is a necessary cookie for bot protection.
Analytics _ga www.loadpoint.co.uk 2 years Statistical purposes: to store and count pageviews
Analytics _ga_365546976 www.loadpoint.co.uk a year Used to persist session state
Analytics _ga_36FJKZY3KL www.loadpoint.co.uk a year Used to persist session state
Analytics hubspotutk www.loadpoint.co.uk 6 months Statistical purposes: This cookie keeps track of a visitor's identity. It is passed to HubSpot on form submission and used when deduplicating contacts.
Analytics _hssrc www.loadpoint.co.uk End of the browser session Statistical purpose: to determine whether the visitor has restarted their browser.
Necessary __cfruid www.loadpoint.co.uk 30 minutes This cookie is set by HubSpot's CDN provider and is a necessary cookie for bot protection.
Analytics __hssc www.loadpoint.co.uk 30 minutes This is used to determine if HubSpot should increment the session number and timestamps in the __hstc cookie
Analytics __hstc www.loadpoint.co.uk 6 months The main cookie for tracking visitors
Necessary __hs_opt_out www.loadpoint.co.uk 6 months This cookie is used by the opt-in privacy policy to remember not to ask the visitor to accept cookies again.
Necessary hs_ab_test www.loadpoint.co.uk End of the browser session This cookie is used to consistently serve visitors the same version of an A/B test page they’ve seen before.
Necessary __hs_do_not_track www.loadpoint.co.uk 6 months Prevents the tracking code from sending any information to HubSpot
Advertisement VISITOR_INFO1_LIVE www.youtube.com 6 months Tries to estimate the users' bandwidth on pages with integrated YouTube videos.
Functionality YSC www.youtube.com Session Registers a unique ID to keep statistics of what videos from YouTube the user has seen.

Cookie Sharing with Third Parties

Google, Hubspot and Cloudflare may share the information collected by the cookies listed above with third parties for the purposes of targeted advertising. Please visit their privacy policies for more information, using the links below:

Changing Your Cookies Preferences

You can allow or block cookies by activating the setting on your browser that permits you to change the setting of all or some cookies. Please note that disabling cookies may affect the availability or functionality of our website. Most of the website will function normally, however, functions that rely on cookies such as form fills and personalised content, will be disabled.

If you would like more information on how to manage cookies on some popular browsers, please click on the links below.

Contact Us

Please contact using the details set out in our Privacy Notice if you have any questions about this Cookie Policy or the information we hold about you.

Changes to this Policy

This policy was published on 25/10/2023.