Rotary Tables

High precision rotary tables for the dicing and electronics/semiconductor sectors

Rotary Tables
A wide range of rotary tables is available from 50 mm (2 in) diameter up to and including 400 mm (16 in) diameter. Tables are produced with standard or reduced heights.

Standard height tables have the advantage of maximum axial, radial and tilt stiffness whereas reduced height tables have lower radial and tilt stiffness. All tables feature the low axial motion errors inherent of air bearings.
Rotary Tables Side
Tables may be externally driven via belts or worm and wheel or alternatively can be fitted with an integral drive motor. The use of DC brushless torque motors with high resolution encoders can achieve angular position resolutions better than 0.1 arcsecs. Full technical support is available for drive selection and setting up.

Optional features include large diameter central through holes for coolant feed or a central vacuum feed with rotary coupling.
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+ Rotary Table for Precision Machine Tools.
+ Static runout 1 Micron
+ Dynamic Runout sub 20nM


Air Supply Pressure

5.5 Bar

Air Consumption

99 Litres/min

Axial Failure Load

60 Kgs

Axial Stiffness

9.0 Kg/um

Radial Stiffness

1.0 Kg/um


What industries or applications are air bearing rotary tables commonly used in?

Diamond tooling industry, Semiconductor wafer holding, metrology and precision grinding applications.  

Air bearing rotary tables are commonly used in industries that require high positional and rotary precision and accuracy. They have exceptionally smooth rotation, enabling them to be used in applications such as the diamond tooling industry. In this industry, air bearing rotary tables play a crucial role in the manufacturing of precision diamond tools, cutting, grinding, and shaping operations. 

How are the rotary tables driven?

The rotary tables can be externally driven via belts or worm and wheel, or they can be fitted with an integral drive motor and commutated with a high precision encoder. 

What is the range of diameters available for the rotary tables?

Loadpoint offers a wide range of rotary tables, starting from 50 mm (2 in) diameter up to and including 400 mm (16 in) diameter. 

What is the load capacity of the air bearing rotary tables?

The load capacity of air bearing rotary tables varies depending on the specific model and size. They are designed to handle both light and heavy loads, depending on the application requirements. 

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