Air Bearing Spindles

A global leader in the design and manufacture of air bearing spindles

Our spindles are engineered to deliver ultra-low error motions, exceptional stiffness, and high-speed capabilities, all of which are crucial for applications that demand the highest levels of precision and performance. From semiconductor manufacturing to micro-machining and PCB drilling, our air bearing spindles provide the ultimate solution for enhancing operational efficiency and accuracy. Discover the Loadpoint difference and elevate your operations with our world-class air bearing spindles.

Air bearing spindles are cutting-edge mechanical devices that revolutionize the way precision machinery operates. These innovative spindles utilise a thin cushion of compressed air to create a virtually frictionless environment between the rotating shaft and its surrounding support, eliminating the traditional metal-to-metal contact found in conventional bearings. 

The result is a remarkably smooth, precise, and efficient performance that offers unparalleled benefits across various industries, from high-precision machining and manufacturing to aerospace and semiconductor applications. In this introduction, we will explore the fundamental principles, advantages, and diverse applications of air bearing spindles, shedding light on their crucial role in driving technological advancements and achieving unprecedented levels of accuracy and productivity.

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Dicing Spindles

Leading manufacturer of Dicing Spindles supplying all original equipment manufacturers in the world.
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Paint Spraying Spindles

To suit all major original equipment manufacturers applications.
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Lens Turning Spindles

Empowering Optical OEMs with High Precision.
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Grinding Industrial Spindles

Air bearing solutions to a variety of general industrial applications.
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Specialist Spindles

Leading supplier of spindles to original equipment manufacturers within the ultra precision machining industry.

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