Air Bearing Solutions

We provide state-of-the-art solutions suited to precision machinery and high-speed applications

Traditional bearings operate on the principle of direct physical contact and need lubrication to minimise friction. Air bearings employ a thin film of compressed air, which acts as a buffer between moving parts, allowing for near-frictionless movement. This approach not only guarantees precision, but also reduces wear. As a result, air bearings have a much-extended operational lifespan.

Dicing Spindles

Dicing Spindles are precision-engineered air bearing spindles specifically designed for applications requiring fine and accurate cutting, such as semiconductor wafer dicing. By leveraging the frictionless motion offered by air bearings, these spindles deliver exceptionally smooth, clean cuts, and are the gold standard of accuracy and consistency.

Dicing Spindle 10 300
Diamond Spindle 1x1

Diamond Turning Spindles

Diamond Turning Spindles are at the forefront of ultra-precision machining. Using air bearing technology, these spindles facilitate the precise shaping of lenses and mirrors. The frictionless operation ensures minimal vibration, making them a preferred choice for industries requiring a superior optical finish.

Grinding Industrial Spindles

These combine the power of traditional grinding mechanisms with the precision of air bearing technology. They’re ideal for a wide range of industrial applications promising efficient material removal, superior surface finish, and prolonged equipment life.

Wafer Grinding Spindle-1
paint spray

Paint Spraying Spindles

Enhanced with air bearing technology, our paint spraying spindles represent a revolution in the paint application process. Ensuring smooth and consistent rotations, these spindles facilitate even paint distribution, optimal coverage, and high-quality finishes. The frictionless motion virtually eliminates wear. Fast, accurate and cost-effective.

Rotary Tables

Loadpoint's Rotary Tables are a great example of precision engineering and innovative design. Our tables offer superb rotation accuracy and stability, making them indispensable for any jobs that demand exact positioning, repeatability, and smooth transitions.

Rotary Tables