At Loadpoint we have been designing and manufacturing dicing saws and precision micro-machining equipment for over 40 years. We have many machines in operation on sites around the globe and work actively with a network of international agents. We have an enviable reputation for building very reliable high specification machines that are genuinely built to last. We regularly service machines that have been at work in a production environment for over 30 years.

Loadpoint works with clients to ensure the final machine specification is totally suitable for their application. We are able to customise and adapt the machine control software to specifically satisfy our customer’s requirements. Our well-equipped demonstration area also undertakes dicing solutions for companies who don’t have the volume of work to justify their own machines or are in the process of building up volume. We employ our own service engineers so you can be assured your machines will get the best of care in the future. Our technical support team is available to help with any advice you may need and with the online diagnostics system built into all our new machines, we can even go so far as to design and download production programmes directly to your machine. Loadpoint are proud to be the only manufacturer of dicing systems in Europe.

As well as stocking a comprehensive range of machine spares, we stock and supply an extensive list of production consumables including, all types of blades, dicing tape, tape rings etc.

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Loadpoint History

40yrs+ of Innovation

In the 1960’s, Loadpoint (originally ‘Semitron’) was the first company to pioneer the use of air bearing spindles for dicing silicon wafers and ceramic components. This arose from the need to increase cut quality and productivity in their own zenor-diode manufacturing facility. At the time, scribe and break was the standard method for cutting silicon. Semitron pioneered the technology of using a diamond abrasive wheel to grind through the silicon, which instantly became a successful alternative to scribe and break.

Loadpoint was formed following the sale of Semitron semiconductor division in the early 1980s.  The company name of Loadpoint has now become well-known and respected for its service and quality of products around the world.  Loadpoint systems have been installed in some of the world’s leading silicon and ceramic processing facilities.