Dicing Blades

Blades supplied by Loadpoint are available in a variety of dimensions, bond types and grit sizes. A selection of our main products available is given below.

Please contact us with details of your application if you require a recommendation on a blade or a specific blade type for your process.

Fast delivery on stocked blades, and expedited services potentially available for longer lead time blades with a wide range to suit most dicing and cutting applications.

Resin bonded, hubless
ODs (mm) = 50-127
Widths (mm) = 0.070-2.00
Ceramics, glass, hard materials requiring high wear characteristics

1000 Series - Resin Bonded, hubless

Electroformed, hubless
ODs (mm) = 50-140
Widths (mm) = 0.025-0.3
Silicon, GaAs, softer ceramics (e.g. PZT), various semiconductor packages. Applications for easier to cut materials requiring long blade life

1200 Series – Electroformed, hubless

Metal bonded, hubless
ODs (mm) = 50-76.2
Widths (mm) = 0.050-0.70
QFN, BGA, FR4/PCB, resin boards, composite materials, polymers and softer ceramics

1400 Series – Metal Bonded, hubless

Electroformed, hubbed
ODs (mm) = 55
Widths (mm) = 0.015-0.100 Various protrusions
Si, GaAs, SiGe, III-V, semiconductors

1900 Series – Electroformed, hubbed

Resin or metal bond on steel core
ODs (mm) = 76.2-180
Widths (mm) = 0.4-1.20
Large capacity cutting and dicing such as ceramics and metals

2000 Series – Resin or Metal Bond on Steel Core

Vitrified blade
ODs (mm) = 50-125
Widths (mm) = 0.07-0.6
Sapphire, crystal, SiC, Si3N4, etc

2100 Series – Vitrified Blade

Grinding wheels, resin bond
ODs (mm) = 76.2-100
Widths (mm) = 1.0-6.0
Grinding of a variety of substrates to achieve thickness tolerance or for grinding of PZT composites

2500 Series – Grinding Wheel, Resin Bond

Resin bond core drills
ODs (mm) = 6-60 Ø
Widths (mm) = 0.5-2.0 wall thickness
PZT discs, glass encoder discs, power semiconductors. Single or dual wall

3000 Series – Resin Bonded Core Drills