Microace 66

The MicroAce 66 is a 6” automatic dicing saw configured with a 2.4kW spindle as standard whilst other spindle set-ups are also available to suit a variety of applications including demanding and thick substrate cutting. The MicroAce 66 can be used for a wide range of applications, not just for dicing silicon wafers. It offers a high level of configurability to get the best performance out of your application.

Underpinning the MicroAce 66’s performance is the Loadpoint NanoControl control system; a common control platform used across all our machines. 

NanoControl uses a Loadpoint developed force-sensitive keypad with integrated tracker ball that provides a highly productive interface that remains robust for many years of service.

 NanoControl is that it can be tailored to a customer’s application. This could involve taking the hassle out of calculating complex cut patterns or could involve easy generation of 3D cutting profiles.

Max. Work Capacity (X, Y, Z) 152mm x 152mm x 16mm
Blade Capacity 50.8mm – 76.2mm, (101.6mm option available)
Chuck-type Ceramic or metal vacuum
Spindle Options 1.8kW, 3,000 – 60,000rpm as standard, or 3.0kW 3,000 – 10,000 rpm
Dimensions (W x D x H) 570mm x 1215mm x 1555mm

Dicing solutions for:


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Operational Specification

Control System Loadpoint NanoControl 2.10
Work Holding Ceramic or Metal Vacuum Chuck
Work Capacity (XYZ)  152 x 152 x 16mm
(Custom configurations to work area &
blade capacity are achievable)
Blade Capacity (Diameter)  50 - 76.2mm
Spindle Power  1.8 KW @ 60,000 rpm
or 3.0 KW @ 10,000 rpm
Spindle Speed 3,000 - 60,000 rpm
X Axis Cutting Range  160 mm
X Axis Resolution  0.1 µm
X Axis Feed Rate  0.1 - 500 mm/s
Y Axis Index Range  0.001 - 152 mm
Y Axis Resolution  0.1 µm
Y Axis Index Accuracy  ± 3 µm / 200mm < ± 1µm / 10mm
Z Axis Index Range  0.001 - 20mm
Z Axis Resolution  0.1µm
Z Axis Index Accuracy  ± 2 µm / 10mm
Theta Axis Drive  Direct Drive Torque motor 
Theta Axis Range  360°(continuous)
Theta Axis Resolution  4 arc sec
Camera Type  Monochromatic or full Colour
Camera Alignment  Manual or fully automatic
Camera Resolution  2 MegaPixels
Camera Magnification  x150 - x200 - x300
Camera Illumination  Coaxial and ring (with dark field option)
Footprint (WDH) (height includes status light)  570 x 1215 x 1555 mm


Service Requirements

Electricity  220/240v AC single phase 10A, 50/60Hz
Air supply 5.5 Bar (80 PSI)
  0.11m3/min (4 CFM)
  Dewpoint 5°C, Oil 0.005 PPM
Water supply  
Blade coolant 3 - 5 Bar (43 – 73 PSI)

5 - 8 Litres/min (1.3-2.1 US gal/min)

Workpiece wash 3 - 5 Bar (43 – 73 PSI)
  5 - 8 Litres/min (01.3-2.1 US gal/min
Spindle coolant 3 - 5 Bar (43 – 73 PSI)
  18 - 20°C Recirculating Coolant Temp
  1 Litres/min (0.26 US gal/min)
Vacuum supply  Not required, internally generate
Mist extraction  Mandatory 4m³/min
Drain 42 mm ID drain, free flow to waste 
  Drain height < 600 mm (24”) from base of m/c
Recommended Environment  Ambient temp of 20˚C, humidity level < 40%
Weight  570KG on 4 adjustable feet (up to 10mm)
Floor Level  < 6mm across m/c footprint


Pipe Sizes

Port Pipe Diameter
Cutting Wheel Blade Coolant In 10mm
Wafer Wash Water In 10mm
Wafer Wash Water In  10mm
Spindle Coolant Water Out 10mm
Air In 10mm
Vacuum Venturi Exhaust 10mm
Mist Extraction Port 40mm
Drain Port 40mm

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Standard Package

Loadpoint Air Bearing Spindle

  • Very low vibration improves the cut quality and reduces chipping
  • DC brushless drive, 1.8 kW 60,000 rev per min
  • High power option 3.0 kW 10,000 rev per min
  • Theta (θ) axis bearing rotary table with high resolution direct drive

Vision and alignment system

Manual and automatic alignment modes:

  • Monocular video alignment system with pattern recognition
  • Pattern Recognition System (PRS)
  • Alignment system with programmable off-set for off-cut alignment
  • Manual and automatic (option) kerf and chipping measurement on machine
  • Full 17” / 430mm monitor for alignment, data entry and machine monitoring
  • Continuous live display of X,Y,Z and theta co-ordinates
  • Z autofocus set up of alignment image with offset option for depth of cut


  • Standard wheel carrier with 50 to 76.2mm diameter blade capacity
  • Three direction coolant delivery; main blade coolant jet, blade side wash bars and wafer flood jets
  • Accelerometer based Z datum set, off-chuck height sensing system

Z height sensing

Off-chuck height sensing system ensures constant depth of cut without having to use conductive blades, providing a wider choice of blade diameters and suppliers.

Work holding

Standard packages include adaptable plain wafer vacuum chuck for use with wax and substrate mounting and tape rings. Loadpoint manufacture chucks for all tape rings and film frames, mechanical vices, and designs to customer requirements, including precision-ground ceramic inserts for improved vacuum and component support.

Materials Processed

Ceramic, FR3/FR4, GaAs, Germanium, Glass, InP, LED’s, Lithium Niobate and Tantalate, QFN, Piezo electrics, PZT, Quartz, Sapphire and Silicon amongst others.

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