Dicing and Backgrinding Tapes

Loadpoint offer a variety of dicing tapes sourced from leading manufacturers to suit a variety of applications. Tapes include but are not limited to; low cost general purpose blue tape, semiconductor grade tape, UV tapes & backing tapes.

*Please quote product code, tape width (mm) and roll length (m) for any tape enquiries*

General purpose, Non-UV, PVC base film with acrylic adhesive
Base (µm) = 75
Adhesive (µm) = 10
6033 – Low Tack or 6034 – Low/Medium Tack
General purpose wafer dicing applications, low cost alternative to 6000 Series

6033/6034 – General purpose blue dicing tape

Green layering tape, polyester base film with silicone/rubber adhesive
Base (µm) = 40
Adhesive (µm) = 20
1040 – 20
Applied directly to the back of the substrate to create additional dicing depth

5000 Series – Green layering tape

Semiconductor grade, non UV dicing tape, PVC base film with acrylic adhesive
Base (µm) = 80 or 100
Adhesive (µm) = 10
6080 – 10 or 6100 – 10
General cleanroom wafer applications

6000 Series – Semiconductor grade dicing tape

UV dicing tape, various options
Base film type (s) = PVC or PO
Base film = 95µm to 270µm
Adhesive = 10µm to 25µm
Adhesion level (s) = various (*ask for details)
General cleanroom wafer applications

7000 Series – UV dicing tape