Empowering Women in Engineering

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Celebrating the ladies of Loadpoint!

Loadpoint was established over 60 years ago, during which time the national engineering workforce was predominately male. Early figures show that in the 1980s there were around 7% of women working in engineering, however, figures have continued to increase. According to the ONS in 2021, the figure had reached around 16.5%.

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Breaking the gender barriers

Loadpoint is proud to support a diverse workforce, whereby females currently represent one-fifth of our current employees, and this ratio is increasing year on year.

Our team of females work across multi-discipline roles supporting the business, from the Purchasing and Planning team through to Lathe Turning, and Grinding in our Finishing Department. 

Support through learning and development is fundamental to our growth, and we are delighted to support Dorota to achieve her L3 Engineering and Manufacturing Qualification.  Dorota joined us as an Assembly Technician in 2021 and has gone from strength to strength with personal development, not only smashing the English and Maths functional skills but getting to grips with balancing & endurance testing, surface grinding and currently working on the Turning Lathes.  Always with a smile on her face, she is a shining example of why any gender should consider a career in engineering.

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If you are interested in a career in engineering, our ladies have shared some words of wisdom

  • Don’t be afraid of challenges as you can do anything, believe in yourself.
  • Stay humble and be eager to listen and learn from fellow colleagues. Be forward-thinking and proactive in looking at ways to improve your working environment, and the product you are making.
  • Keep learning, be yourself and learn to stand out.
  • There are so many different and varied skills that you will have the opportunity to learn and you should not be put off by the fact that in the past this was a male-dominated industry. What a man can do a woman can do just as well - if not better!
  • Believe in your abilities and pursue your passion.
  • Build a strong support network of mentors and peers.
  • Stay committed to continuous learning and growth.
  • Advocate for equal opportunities and recognition.

In our own ladies' words…



Working in the Sales & Marketing team is invigorating. I thrive on the dynamic nature of connecting with clients, crafting innovative strategies, and driving results. Collaborating with a talented team to promote our products/services brings both challenge and satisfaction. It's a role that fuels my passion for creative problem-solving and achieving tangible business growth.

One obstacle I encountered as a woman in engineering occurred when dealing with other engineering companies we subcontracted work to. I noticed that they didn't prioritize our orders, meet delivery deadlines, or trust the information I provided. Even when I visited their site with my supervisor (also female), who is highly knowledgeable and capable of clearly and technically answering their queries, they still insisted on 'confirming' with our male colleague. On another occasion, when they were significantly behind schedule and unlikely to deliver on time, it took the intervention of the male MD speaking to them before they managed to complete the work on schedule
This is my first job following my graduation in mechanical engineering. I was drawn to work in engineering because I found the industry to be incredibly interesting, and my academic background in mechanical engineering provided me with a strong foundation and comfort as I embarked on my career journey.
I enjoy the camaraderie and the supportive nature of the people at Loadpoint. They are exceptionally kind and always willing to offer assistance, which creates a positive and collaborative work environment.
It is such a varied and challenging role and no two days are the same. Being part of a core Business function and being able to use my skills and creativity in each aspect of my job plays a huge part in keeping me motivated. There is a strong sense of teamwork at Loadpoint and I feel the support we give each other is very important in achieving our overall Business goals.

Loadpoint ladies’ facts:

  • One of our ladies has worked at Loadpoint for over 31 years!
  • In her spare time, one of our ladies is a professional drone pilot!
  • One of our ladies is committed to helping the homeless, she has not only donated a number of items, she also gave up her Monday evenings to make sandwiches to feed the homeless.   She enjoys spending her spare time with her adorable Hungarian rescue dog, Dexter.
  • We also have an ex land lady in the team!

No matter what your background is, there are many transferrable skills that can be applied to working within engineering.

Let's celebrate the ladies at Loadpoint!

Emma Pallister