New Inspection Machine - TALYROND ® 565 PRO

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Loadpoint's Investment in TALYROND ® 565 PRO 

At Loadpoint, the pursuit of excellence is not just a vision; it's a commitment reflected in every aspect of our operations. With an eye toward growth in the Optical Lens turning spindle market, we've made a significant stride by investing in cutting-edge technology—the TALYROND ® 565 PRO inspection equipment.

With its advanced capabilities, the Talyrond ® enhances our precision standards, ensuring thorough and incredibly accurate scrutiny of our products. Additionally, its gauge has a greater range, enabling the inspection of bigger spindles, including longer and larger diameter shafts used in our grinding spindles.

Get ready to experience a new level of precision and quality with our enhanced capabilities thanks to the Talyrond ® machine.


Crucial Role in Optical Lens Turning Spindles

Replacing our previous TALYROND, this new addition marks a pivotal advancement in our inspection capabilities. In the realm of optical lens turning spindles, where precision is paramount, this inspection equipment plays a critical role. Its capability to measure down to nanometer precision ensures that even the minutest details are scrutinized with unparalleled accuracy, meeting the demanding tolerances required in our industry.

Measuring Large Shafts for Grinding Spindles

One of the most exciting features of the TALYROND ® 565 PRO is its expanded capacity. It caters to the intricate needs of optical lens turning spindles and accommodates much larger shafts, measuring up to 1 meter in length. This expanded range enables us to scrutinize the shafts used in grinding spindles, providing a comprehensive quality check across various spindle types.

This technological advancement signifies Loadpoint's commitment to elevating spindle quality. With enhanced precision, every shaft manufactured undergoes rigorous scrutiny, ensuring the highest levels of reliability and performance. The TALYROND ® 565 PRO empowers us to deliver unparalleled quality to customers in the optical lens and grinding spindle markets.


Loadpoint's Dedication to Excellence

This investment reflects Loadpoint's dedication to precision engineering and continuous improvement. The TALYROND ® 565 PRO not only replaces outdated equipment but also propels us forward to meet the evolving demands of our industry. As we leverage this cutting-edge technology, our commitment to excellence remains steadfast, cementing Loadpoint's position as a trailblazer in spindle manufacturing.

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